Who Will Make the Pies When I’m Gone?
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Jamie Schneider’s life changed with one phone call in February of 2010. After months of sensing something was not right with her body, Jamie was diagnosed with stage IV ovarian cancer, sending her on a relentless search for information about cancer and for ideas on how to survive the devastating news. Facing her diagnosis, Jamie already knew her life would never be the same. Whether she liked it or not, she was now immersed in the dark side of cancer.

As this ancient rogue force claimed its space in her body and she became a stranger in an unfamiliar land, Jamie details how her relentless desire to understand created a voice of validation. She walked through a shadowy world of cancer that left her somewhere between alive and dead. Now Jamie exposes the harsh reality of her experience, the reactions of her friends and family, the treatment and devastating losses, the yo-yo of hope and hopelessness, and the painful paradox of living while dying.

In Who Will Make the Pies When I’m Gone? Jamie shares a powerful, honest glimpse into her world as she struggles to make this new limited version of her life meaningful after a cancer diagnosis.
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ISBN: 9781475976465
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