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FRAGMENTS has several musical influences. As you read through its pages, my love for music will jump out of several poems. The intersection of my writing and musical lyrics really gives this work a very unique voice. Songs for all of us bring back a flood of memories. These unique pieces were meant to merge your memories with my voice to maximize the effect of the poem and the context in which I chose to use the lyrics.

" So instead of looking for what a brother has,
Concentrate on his potential; focus on what
You can build together, even in stormy weather,
Which poses a question, "Can you stand the rain?"
I guess you answered that when you decided to leave.
Told me I was missing the picture. On the contrary,
I was missing from your picture. The pick-ax on your
shoulder should have clued me in when I met cha, and you
wonder why they call you bitch, I bet cha."
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