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Reading this book is a unique experience.
You'll catch yourself laughing out loud and maybe even shedding a tear as you
get inside the head of this young Chaplain who muddles his way from one awkward
situation to the next. You'll share his struggle to get commissioned in the Army,
his training (and lack thereof) that shape his ability to cope with personal disasters
and console victims' families and friends.
His experiences cover the widest range of human emotions: from men under the
pressures of war and construction deadlines, to treating wounded soldiers and marines
before they are sent back to a MASH, to witnessing the exchange of prisoners after
the cease-fire is signed, to providing care and education for orphans in war's impossible
circumstances. The author describes counseling men in private, in prison and in
hospitals, in dealing with petty personality differences that are blown all out of
proportion, to teenager-problems that can be serious and humorous at the same
time. Wonderful interfaith cooperation and faith promoting situations underlie the
whole story.
This book will provide you with a fast, easy-reading and entertaining couple of hours.
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A Mormon Chaplain

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