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In a post-apocalyptic world, where an evil entity by the name of Jorne reigns his baneful wrath for blood lust and domination, stirring up an unrelenting coalition between three of the world's most harmonious nations to sign a contract --allowing Jorne to unleash some of his influence onto the army known as the Jortori. This contract was specifically formed by three very powerful men, a representative from each country, to rule the Jortori army in Jorne's place. The majority of the human race found sanctuary among the stars --with a promise to one day return. Among the handful of those left behind is a young girl by the name of Aleta Rose. Aleta and the remaing population were forced to come out of hiding to learn what true innate abilities really are, and to begin a revolt against the Jortori in order to save their home. Valcan, a Jortori leader, launched a grueling attack on Aleta's village when she was eight. Aleta, being the only survivor from the tragedy, was forced to live in the wilderness in order to survive. After nine years of living in utter isolation, Aleta, and her two wolves, are faced with the heart-stopping news of the Jortori's return to her home land. When it can't seem to get much worse, she is taken to a hidden military base, concealed in the mountains. Scared and confused in her new surroundings, Aleta learns that this is no ordinary military base. Everyone is acting strange and treating her like some disease ridden animal. The secrets and lies pile on top of each other as Aleta isn't only forced to figure out what causes her panic episodes that paralyze her body in the midst of anger but just what kind of secrets are these people not telling her?
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ISBN: 9781481718882
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