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Numerology is a numerical representation of the energy that we were born with that affects every aspect of our lives everyday. In the book, “Manifesting Success In Relationships, Career, And Business Via Numerology”, the author shows us the steps of how to determine what energy is affecting us and how to work with the energy to achieve happiness and success in romantic relationships and other relationships and in career and business. The book even discusses how to choose a name for a website and a website address that would ensure success, shows how to use Numerology to choose a pen name or stage name that would have the most probability of achieving success, shows how to choose a name for a business, discusses how to choose a career and a company to work for that we would most likely be successful with, and even shows us how to use Numerology while shopping at a store to ensure that we buy products that we will be happy with. The book also discusses some pitfalls to avoid and helps to explain why we may be experiencing challenges in relationships, career, business, and with the products that we purchase. The book also discusses how to attract the energy of financial abundance into our lives and serves as a good reference book to keep handy.
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