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Chuck Salisbury knows Americans are scared about investing right now. That’s because, as a veteran financial expert, he’s spent decades developing successful strategies for wealth attainment as the markets have risen and fallen repeatedly. In November 2007 Chuck wisely advised his clients to get out of the stock and mutual fund markets: a move that saved many of those who listened the money they will need to retire. Today, Salisbury continues to advise those who consult with him to avoid these markets, and to avoid investing in annuities and precious metals because these investments do not keep pace with inflation. Thanks to government-backed bailout plans, which have flooded the currency market with trillions of dollars, "we are headed for a super inflation period," says Chuck. As investors YOU must know what is the ONLY investment in America that keeps pace with inflation. You must also know how to protect your self against losses. You must understand why you cannot trust your broker or Financial Advisor to give you unbiased investment advice.
Published: Morgan James Publishing on
ISBN: 9781614482109
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