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Quanta, Spirit & Mindful Matter:
A Journey Beyond the Sixth Sense

Ms. Leva has written a book that goes beyond the 6th sense, and includes Quantum physics for the “layman”. This theory suggests that human beings are connected to each other by means other than just using the power of the mind. Ms. Leva has decided to share her “true” stories that will take the reader to other realms of consciousness and she hopes they will inspire others to share more stories that deal with the “unexplained.” Quanta, simply means “light”. Her stories include this energy that can be helpful for human beings to live consciously using awareness in thought and behavior. Spirit is the essence of one’s soul. Matter that is Mindful has been done through rigorous experiments in the sub-atomic world; thereby helping to explain our ability to form connections without our knowledge in relation to one another on the blue planet. Knowing this to occur, scientists have been inspired to keep exploring as the quest for understanding more about our infinite universe continues. So sit back, relax and enjoy the ride as “spooky” can be fun while learning to become more open to the possibilities of life!
For me this book could not be written without the expertise of physicists, scientists, biologists, mediums, philosophers, journalists and all those who understand that this life is truly an abundance of knowledge coming together from many fields. Each of these “pioneers” have enabled me to piece together some very important answers to my unanswered questions leaving room for many more. I’ve had “ah,ha” moments while reading the work of these folks who are my true “heroes”. They have turned on the “light”.

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