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Planet Hope is a charming story that takes place in beautiful Pensacola Beach, Florida. The season is Spring and the award winning flowers are in bloom. Yet, somethings a little bit different in this quiet oceanside neighborhood. Since early times in recorded history, unidentified flying objects have been documented here in the United Statesand around the world. Although most of us are oblivious to their presence, the Travelers do exist and are here on a special mission that has been in the planning for decades. What starts as a simple sighting turns into an adventure for everyone in this community. This puzzles even the most open of minds. To add to these sightings the time approaches when the Mayan calendar ends and there is an Asteroid named Adam on a collision course with Earth late in 2012. Hope is a planet that has been constructed in the Galaxy of Light and is an exact replica of our home, Earth. As the story unfolds it is revealed that the Travelers have an underground city named Oceana and have been here on the Earth since 1930's leaking helpful information to the surface inhabitants for their betterment. Now with the impending distruction of the human race at hand the Travelers are here to transition us to our new home, Planet Hope, before it's too late. "Join me as I take you on a story of your lifetime."
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ISBN: 9781477289303
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