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Elvis Returns: Elvis Is Alive II

235 pages3 hours


In this captivating sequel to "Elvis Is Alive," Dr. Robert St. John is at again. After an arduous search for the King of Rock and Roll, Dr. St. John finds him in the Moulin Rouge district of Paris, hiding in plain sight, impersonating himself. Nonetheless, after spending two weeks with Elvis, unanswered questions still linger. Now, two years later, the garnet ring that Elvis gave him weighs as heavy on his mind as it does on his hand.

After all he has lost to find Elvis, Dr. St. John is still not satisfied. His soul is heavy with grief and uncertainty: but most of all, he wants answers. Compelled to find Elvis again, he decides to seek him out again, this time in a far distant corner of the world. But what Dr. St. John doesn’t realize is just where that fateful decision will take him.

Once again, Maughon weaves an intricate tale of Dr. Robert St. John, an outwardly simple yet inwardly complicated character. Not only is the good doctor trying to find the King, he is also attempting to find himself in the process. Maughon takes the reader on a global journey filled with memorable characters, exciting locales, and of course, the search for the King of Rock and Roll.

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