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Secret Strategies for Composing and Improvising: Write Music and Improvise Today! No BS

Length: 100 pages1 hour


This is a music textbook of strategies for improvising and composing; a simple guide to creating music today. This book contains a variety of methods for creating chords to put with melodies, a necessary skill in songwriting. The reader will also discover many strategies for improvisation as well as for composing music like generating new chords and arrangements, how to start, and where to find inspiration. By following step by step the reader will discover a systematic approach to developing a complete understanding of chords and use them in an automatic fashion.

There are exercises at the end of each chapter to greatly increase skills in improvising and composing as well as develop a mind set that supports these.

Anyone one with a modicum of theory understanding will greatly benefit in as little as 1 hour. It is an excellent guide for teachers and professionals as well. This is not only a method book, but also a self-help book. There are ideas and even a “how to” integrate the material into one’s life and beliefs.

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