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Jesus offers a difficult path to pursue for anyone who commits to follow Him as a disciple. This offer attracts few people in the United States where we tend to avoid difficulty and instead embrace comfort, pleasure, and the good life. In a culture where advertisers promote ease, idolize the individual, celebrate luxury, and promise happiness, a marketer could not have created a less-appealing slogan than “Follow Jesus. His way is difficult.” Nevertheless, that accurately captures the opportunity Jesus provides. It is not a life for the fainthearted.

In His sermon on the mount Jesus declared “difficult is the path that leads to life.” In Difficult Is the Path, author R. Roderick Cyr explores what Jesus meant by that statement. He examines Scripture and identifies examples Jesus provided, parables He shared, and lessons He taught about the challenge of living as His disciple. Roderick explains why Jesus exempts no follower from this difficult path, and also addresses the danger of ignoring this message, which the church has done for too long.

Of course, just because the path is difficult doesn’t mean it is not worth taking. This study lays the foundation for the reader to deepen his relationship with the Lord and increase his faith, and in the process enjoy a far more satisfying, purposeful, and rewarding life.
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