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The Acts of Creation is a workbook that illustrates the tools and activities for expanding the intuitive, psychic, and spiritual senses, utilizing hands-on projects. While primarily designed to be used by adults who work and/or live with children, it can also be utilized by anyone who wishes to expand their metaphysical/scientific awareness. This publication synthesizes contemporary and historical knowledge and my personal experiences in the areas of metaphysics, quantum physics, parapsychology and radionics. Bridging metaphysics and science together is a main consideration of this publication developing into a concept I call Spiritual Sciences. This book includes experts in fields of parapsychology, quantum physics, psychology and metaphysics and their research that is utilized to bring unfamiliar knowledge to the forefront. Included is new information on zero-point energy technology and the Indigo children. As you become more involved in the processes in this workbook, you learn to create a stronger connection with the super conscious self. In turn, this workbook clarifies the relationship between the individual personality and the sacred enlightened self, the Over-Soul. This connection will expand your awareness of other intelligent life in the universe. As a learning specialist, I bring to this publication a professional and practical viewpoint to the parameters of Affective education. This methodology addresses the developmental levels of children creating a curriculum that expresses creativity, exploration and the spark that ignites new experiences, accelerating consciousness to the next level of awareness. The intuitive processes learned from this workbook will assist individuals in providing a clearer understanding of the subtle mechanics of the intuitive, psychic and spiritual senses. This knowledge will make the understanding of one’s life goals more insightful, personal abilities stronger and spiritual dynamics clearer. **************************************************************** * ORDER FORM * * Name ____________________ E-mail ___________________ * * City _______________ State Zip __________ * * Phone: 925)930-1497 Don Ellison 1515 Geary Rd. Walnut Creek, Ca. 94597
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