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Intimate Reflections
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Intimate Reflections rejoices in the power and the glory of the Lord through poetry intimately portraying the impact He has on believer’s lives. Through His loving grace, the poetry in this collection illustrates the ways in which His presence can allow you to achieve victory over crippling thoughts and circumstances. In her compassionate style, poet Carolyn Denise King opens a window on a world of words that can ignite God’s power and love in your life, bringing a sweet peace to life’s everyday challenges.

King paints a vivid picture of the Intimate Reflections one sees in the mirror of a life lived with God’s love and forgiveness.

I speak of Joy, not of sorrow. My hope is in the Lord,
why worry about tomorrow?
There is no reason to be sad or complain.
I was handpicked by God, He even knows my name.
I walk with my head up high, not bowed down in shame.
My name is Joy, I’m happy you see,
there is nothing the enemy can do to me.
Joy I have in my heart, a sense of well-being,
because Jesus is with me, my life has new meaning.
A feeling of happiness that comes with success
resides within me, there’s no room for the mess,
that once held me captive almost destroyed,
beating upon me, leaving a void …
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