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The official study guide for the Workforce Management TechnologyCertification, containing core knowledge for time and labormanagement

The worldwide standard for the time and labor managementtechnology profession, Workforce Asset Management Book ofKnowledge is the official guide to the Workforce AssetManagement Certification. Establishing a common lexicon within theprofession for talking about workforce management and systems, thisessential guide is designed to establish a body of generallyaccepted and applicable practices and standards within theindustry.

  • Includes contributions from leaders in the field
  • Covers everything from vendor and product selection, toimplementation planning and execution, system design, testing andchange control, financial analytics, fundamentals of schedulingpeople against workload and skill sets, and how to use thesesystems to manage labor costs and productivity
  • Body of knowledge is focused on workers and technologies forevery industry and every type of employer
  • Designed around timekeeping and labor schedulingtechnologies

With contributions from leaders in the field, this book expertlycovers the knowledge, practices, regulations, and technologieswithin the domain of workforce management systems. It provides thebody of knowledge for managing a workforce using time andattendance systems, labor scheduling, productivity, staffingbudgets, workforce software applications, or data, compensation andbenefits for payroll and human resources.

Published: Wiley on Mar 20, 2013
ISBN: 9781118417119
List price: $95.00
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