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A secret manuscript, long thought to have been destroyed centuries ago by the Roman Pope was uncovered by accident behind an old discarded section of the Vatican City vaults. Facing certain death at the hands of the Church if exposed, 13 dedicated Priests hid copies of the ancient scrolls in 12 churches across the globe of different faiths with the 13th copy hidden in a bank safe deposit box inscribed with the ancient seal of the
Templar Knights.

After years of the Vatican Church’s denial of its existence, a possible explanation can finally be found in the controversial book,

Jesus: The Rise of the Nazarene.

This plausible account tells of the real life exploits of Jesus and his gospels of God, before the principalities behind the Vatican, perverted and re-wrote the history in order to form a one world religion under their “NEW WORLD ORDER” Empire at the Council of Nicaea in 325. A.D.Inside this book you will discover many hidden truths including:
•The missing years of Jesus’ life
•How Jesus really became the Son of God
You will also see the controversial reason:
•Why Jesus really had to die on the cross
Then you will discover the sinister plot:
• Why the Vatican hid the name of the true betrayer of Jesus Christ
The Catholic Church will gasp as we finally uncover:
Who the hidden power is behind the Catholic Pope

Come and discover the truth before the power of Rome bans this book!
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ISBN: 9781469777672
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