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The Spirit Takers
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An adventure story involving two teenage students, who visit a mansion of a mysterious owner, whose ancestors were big game hunters in Africa. The mansion had many glass cases filled with stuffed animals.


                    One night, they were asked to accompany two strange minders and the son of

the owner’s butler, to help carry the spirits of the animals back to Africa, where a ceremony was to be held.


                  On their way, their craft was attacked by some evil aliens called jungoes, who were after the spirits. They were forced to take a short-cut through a world called ‘The Outer Reaches.’


                 On arrival, they found that the world had been taken over by the jungoes, who had built an electro-magnetic shield around the world to stop everyone entering or leaving, plus a plant, designed to change the atmosphere to a gas, which would kill all the creatures.


                 After many adventures, they escape, with a promise to return and reach the ceremony site.


                They return later, together with volunteers, to rid the world of the jungoes and destroy both the shield and the gas plant.


               Upon returning to earth, Sammy was attacked by a jungo.


               This added a potentially horrific twist to the story.

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ISBN: 9781483609928
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The Spirit Takers - M.S.A. Blackwell

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