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Late in the 19th century there was a clash between two physicians, father and son, practicing Japanese healing techniques and the standard medicine practiced at Boston General. The two doctors were extremely successful in the Boston area, so successful that Boston General Hospital was feeling the impact and loosing patients. Dr. Crill, the Boston General Medical Director, was enraged and threatens to destroy their practice.

John and his father decided to take a break and go to the Palace and see a performance by the beautiful internationally known soprano Louise Morrell. They experienced a terribly loud thunder and lightning storm during her performance. Near the end of her performance she collapsed. John rushed to nearby Boston General for a sedative. When he returned she is fully awake and free of pain. She explains to him that no one in all of Europe has been able to help her with her headaches.

She agreed to allow John to treat her at his clinic. Weeks later Dr. Crill again confronted John face to face and accused him of keeping an unchapperoned woman several weeks at his clinic. However, John and Louise had come to love each other and to stop the gossip they married and sailed to Japan to see Dr. Segemoto who was a renowned Japanese physician. The trip was a success. Dr Segemoto assured them that by applying his remedies and techniques over time she will be free of headaches. They returned to find Dr. Crill managed to close the clinic. Does evil and the power of the status quo triumph over great medicine or does John, his dad and Louise win a battle for humanity?
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