The South American Coffee Shop Chronicles
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"Some people think I didn't have a childhood, as they think I was born on a cold and wet Saturday morning at the age of 23 in the front bar of The Lord Forrest Hotel. I did in fact have a childhood, but it was spent on a wheat farm, but I hated dirt and country music so as soon I was old enough I left the farm.

I ended up in a country city doing a trade ( motor mechanic ) for four years. After I had my trade papers in my hand I was out of there and down to the big smoke, a city of millions of people. I owe that city a lot as it turned me from a country youth into a man. I discovered many things, including motorcycles, race cars, the ocean, sailing and diving and also bookshops. I hated school with a passion, but I am thankful to my teachers who taught me how to read. The bookshops in that big city were amazing, every Saturday morning would see me on a bus heading into the city and I would comb the bookshops. Those bookshops were a turning point in my life that put me on a very different road to the farm boy I was supposed to be.

From there I wandered around the country and finally landed a job in South America working for an American company. South America, it's people and the crazy guys I worked with was another turning point in my life.

In my travels I noticed people seemed to live by a script, a script for life. Some poor souls had been given a bad script but they still lived by it,
I worked out who gave them these scripts, good or bad.

I discovered one's life script is vital in how we live our lives. One can rewrite one's script, but your belief system will try to stop you from changing your script. Firstly you have to learn how to over come your belief system, and then rewrite your script.”
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