In every age, God’s people have faced the enormous challenge of how to live a godly life in an evil world. The challenge is no different in our age—and yet sometimes it feels as though it’s much more difficult now, with iniquity escalating to an unprecedented degree. Sometimes we feel we are surrounded by pervasive immorality in an increasingly complicated world. What are God’s people to do?
The Scripture provides the answers, one of which is exemplified by Noah—“a preacher of righteousness,” whom God said was a righteous and blameless man living in a wicked age. Noah is known for his obedience to God and for having survived the great flood. Who better to teach us how to hold fast to our faith and to follow God’s will than Noah?
This collection presents letters from the perspective of Noah and directed to a twenty-first-century pastor named Christopher. Full of lessons and reflections, they cover a wide range of topics, from how to deal with grief to what it’s like to follow God’s commandments to the letter, even when that means facing the ridicule of one’s community. Whether you’re a preacher like Noah, a pastor like Christopher, or simply wondering how to hold on to your faith in trying times, Letters from Noah seeks to both challenge and encourage you.
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