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"Zach has Asperger Syndrome. It means that somebody is not like me......No one is the same. That is the most important thing, you should like someone for who they are," said author, Tori.

"When working with children, there are so many amazing moments for learning and experiencing a world different than your own. I am lucky to have had Zachary as a teacher. He truly has inspired me since I met him." -Kathy Krebs, Occupational Therapist

"I like that Tori wrote a book about me. It is probably accurate for when it was written but not now. We have come a long way."-Zachary Schultz, Subject of the book

"This book has been an amazing journey for us. I am so proud of Tori for expressing her feelings and being honest. It has taught me how strong her love is and how wonderful forgiveness can be. Tori truely loves her brother and this book expresses that."-Michelle Schultz, Tori and Zach's mother.

Tori's brother has Asperger Syndrome. This book attempts to express the feelings of a 6 year old toward her 9 year old brother and explain what Asperger Syndrome means to her.
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