Death Before Dishonor
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A young man of twenty seven years old was arrested during a police crime sweep across the State which has been under siege by armed bandits for quite some time now. When he was thoroughly investigated, it was discovered that he was the most wanted armed bandit in the state the police has been looking for, armed bandits has been terrorizing the State for quite a while now.
He was arraign before a military tribunal and subsequently sentenced to death by firing squad, it was supposed to act as a deterrent to other would be armed robbers, but alas; that was not to be the case, what happened two weeks later left sour taste in the mouth of the entire citizens of the state.
Uniform police officers became target for assassination, and before the authority could grab the sudden turn of events, about six police men has been assassinated and counting. The Federal Government aware of the tension in the State read the riot act for the commissioner of police; fix the situation in your state or start looking for another job and good jobs are hard to come by nowadays.
The commissioner wasted no time in reaching out to the man he loathed so much, a man most officers regarded as a tug and an exhibit A. his name is Jackson Jeffry Dombraye, aka Mamba Jack. He went after his prey with gusto and the days of the armed bandits terrorizing the state were just numbered.
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