Ninja Meerkats (#1)
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Jet Flashfeet, Chuck Cobracrusher, Donnie Dragonjab, and Bruce Willowhammer . . . Together they are THE CLAN OF THE SCORPION!Armed to the teeth with ninja know-how, this ultimate fighting force has one goal—to thwart the evil Ringmaster’s plans for world domination. Ninja-Boom!A tiger is missing from Hong Kong Zoo, but this is no ordinary big cat—and she won’t be found by sticking “Lost!” posters on lampposts. When the meerkats find a clown-shaped Clue in the Poo at the zoo, it can only mean one thing: the Ringmaster and his Circus Goons are in town. It’s time for the Ninja Meerkats to leap into action!
Published: Macmillan Publishers on
ISBN: 9781250016645
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