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From one of the world’s most respected authoritieson precious metals investment—a thoroughly researched volumeon the investment prospects for silver, the other gold.

Gold, outperforming stocks for over a decade, has finally beenrecognized as a serious asset class to be included in any solid,diversified investment portfolio.  Considering presentinflationary concerns related to accelerating fiscal crises inEurope, the United States and likely Japan in the years ahead, goldis widely held in the largest professionally-managed portfolios inthe world. But silver, which has been moving in the same directionas its sister metal for forty years—and actuallyoutperforming gold over the last ten years—has yet to betaken seriously in the investment world.  Widely perceived asan erratic, unpredictable metal best left to speculators, silverhas been disdained primarily for its volatility. Taking the longview, as well as a hard look at silver’s investment demerits,Shayne McGuire examines current global financial conditions inorder to provide a full and frank assessment of present and futureopportunities for investors who may be considering buyingsilver.

Silver is being rediscovered as a viable alternative to gold,and demand for the metal as an investment vehicle has risen sharplyover the past few years Though more volatile than gold, silver is highly correlatedwith the more expensive metal and should continue moving in thesame direction (as it has for thousands of years) Widely considered a precious metals expert within theinstitutional investor community and author of Hard Money:Taking Gold to a Higher Investment Level, McGuire manages aportfolio with over $850 million in precious metalsinvestments While the investment literature is overflowing with books onhow to invest in gold, this is the first serious book in decadesoffering expert insights, advice and guidance on investing insilver
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