The Age of Ornan
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Defeat looms over the company of Ornan as their quest has seemingly failed. But by the grace of Vashaar Burdep is spared to fight another day. As the company continues the search for the seven firstborn of Domus-Lux the pressure mounts upon Kerj-Oruras to respond. As armies march and the death cloud of the north infringes on the boarder of Hennyfed an all-out war with Oruras seems inevitable.
The company continues to struggle from within as threats from spies, saboteurs and traitors mount. With the added conflict from Oruras’ armies the company is once more faced with the possibility of falling from with. Burdep concludes that if the company is to have victory then he must throw aside his doubts and trust his closest friends and lean wholeheartedly on the grace of Vashaar.
In spite of the conflict Burdep must still find a way to revive the Blade of Ornan and reclaim his homeland from his father’s advisor. If he fails to become chieftain then the hope of Domus-Lux could fail with him and the Age of Ornan come to a close in a most terrible fashion, but with victory comes the possibility of giving Oruras the push that he is looking for to march on Domus-Lux and for the first time in two thousand years force the enemy into the Unveiling of Oruras Power.
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