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Part IPRE-TRIALVol. 1The time: about 2030, not much has changed … except UN reorganization and creation of the Junta, a group of five, their power envied by world leaders, and others. The face of terrorism has shifted so when Kyle Bremmer, Junta spokesperson says, “What’s to do with this new breed of terrorist?” and Iris Stuart quips, “Capture one and ask him.” that’s what they do. Iris was joking. Caustic Sean Fitzgerald, ex-IRA becomes a UN employee, coming with a contract out on him and a price on his head. Kyle claims he’s the best strategist alive. Do they trust him? Good grief, no! Does Sean care? Hell no. Does he do what they want? Whew, he does. Does anyone like his mountain warlord friend Alexander Zachariah? Heaven forbid. Do they care? Hardly. Are they good terrorist trackers? Oh, yes. Anyone know who fathered Iris’s twins; Sean will do the research. Did Rutledge, Iris’s husband, die in the fiery crash or is he off making clones?
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