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Insomnia and Stretch to Sleep-Program
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Today, men and women all over the world are experiencing higher stress levels as a result of poor or reduced sleep. According to author Claes Zell, the answer to this problem could be as simple and enjoyable as stretching and targeted exercise.

After years of self- experience practicing, Zell discovered that many who suffer from insufficient deep sleep complain of the same issues—restlessness, stiff limbs, and difficulty reaching the pre-sleep alpha rhythm. With this information, Zell has developed an effective ten-minute program (minimum) design to target and lengthen specific muscle groups, relaxing your body in order to allow you to relax your mind.

The market for chemical remedies for sleeping disorders has become vast, and yet the problem of inadequate sleep remains. Rather than subject your body to chemical interventions that may or may not work, interventions that could cause any number of new and unpleasant problems, why not give yourself ten minutes at the end of the day? With just ten minutes, you can bring your body and mind into alignment and finally get the deep, quality sleep you’ve been missing.
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