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Dere Desk I Luv You is the true story of a teacher’s career, spanning 30 plus years in the business. In addition to being a memoir of that teacher’s life, it is also a peek into her classroom, and the world of education as it existed before the states decided to test children to the death, as though in an ancient forum where the state is a ferocious lion and the children are lambs led to the slaughter.
The book is filled with humor, but also with a warmth and sincerity and with the sweet moments that children let slip into the daily atmosphere of a schoolroom. In an era before there was so much violence and concern about harm coming to your youngsters, Mrs. Goldstein tells the story of ‘families’ of children wrapped inside the cocoon of a classroom, of bonding with her students, of bringing home their problems with her each night. If you have attended a public school in America, or have children attending one now, this book is a MUST read.
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