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The discourses contained in this book have a Divine Origin and the author acted as a mere scribe to undertake this sacred task to convey the Lord’s Teachings and Pragmatic Messages. For man to live Divine lives, Swami’s has repeatedly exhorted man to inculcate and embrace as a necessary way of life, the five eternal and essential human values which would assure man of a blissful and contented life on earth. Enshrined in these five human values: (Love, Peace, Truth, Right Conduct and Non-Violence), Swami has offered man Divine Solutions to live happy, balanced and a fulfilled human existence. These values are Universal and offer a panacea for Mankind’s tortured and troubled existence. The profound Divine lessons and Mantras (Spiritual Truths) enunciated through Swami’s Discourses resonate with a sublime, Divine Truth, which is soul-stirring and transports the reader to re-visit his Divine origin, which is man’s birth-right.
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