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“The 5 Levels OF World Class Pricing is a terrific framework. I have worked with Pricing Solutions over many years. Paul and Jim, ‘card-carrying’ masters of pricing excellence. I’m pleased they have written a book that captures their best practices. If you want to get inspired about pricing and improve the bottom-line of your business, read this book and implement its principles!” –Trajan Bayly, CMO, GE Ideal Works.

“I have successfully worked with these concepts and with Pricing Solutions over many years and am pleased they have written a book that captures their experience. I recognize myself and our organization in the book as we progressed up the Levels with the help of Paul and his team.” – Terry Gunter, Director Vaccines, Pfizer

Spot on, this book is 100% pragmatic. A step by step approach in improving our pricing processes and maximizing profits.” – Jim Goodman, Global Sr. Director of Marketing Operations, Smith and Nephew

Paul and Jim eloquently provide a very useful road map to achieve excellence in pricing management. If you are serious about managing pricing in your organization, you must read this book.” – Vinay Kanetkar, Ph. D., Marketing and Consumer Studies Chair, University Guelph.

“The Five Levels of World-Class Pricing is a great tool to help you elevate profitability through stronger pricing management effectiveness.” – Kevin Mitchell. President, Professional Pricing Society

The greatest value, in my mind, is that Pricing Solutions’ approach naturally lends itself to seeing the pursuit of pricing excellence as a journey. The book gives a wide variety of real-life examples, from which, readers will be able to see exactly where the organization is strong and where they can improve. I think it should be requires reading for everyone who is serious about pricing.” –Pete Knoer. Sr. Advisor, Marketing & Revenue Management, Exxon Mobil
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