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PASSION presents a collection of 150 poems and lyrics written by Judith Weinshall Liberman during 2012. This collection is a sequel to REFLECTIONS, her previous anthology of poems, lyrics, and stories, created with her daughter, Dr. Laura Liberman.
Illustrated with photographs that highlight some of the people depicted in the verses, this collection covers a wide array of topics arranged in categories from love and relationships to looking back and remembering. Some of the writings are humorous, while others are somber. From the poignancy of “First Love” to the heartbreak of “Losing a Sibling,” Liberman captures the essence of what we feel when these changes occur in our lives.
Like life itself, PASSION covers the whole gamut of human experience.
Two-Way Street
Somewhere along the line I learnedLove’s not a one-way street,
For if you take but do not give,You’ll end up in defeat.
So don’t forget to give your loveTo those of whom you’re fond.
For true love is a two-way street.Your love will seal your bond.
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