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It has been five years since the A.R.EX. project’s first genetics experiment to create a new breed of super-efficient reptilian soldiers. Rivers, a newly created being, feels out of place in the human world, burdened by his creation, physical appearance, and the reality of his nonexistent identity and past life as Erikson Meyers. As he tries to enjoy his life living as Alex Rivers in New York City, he has no idea that someone out there hates him enough to ruin his life.

As Arex attempts to exist peacefully, away from the prying eyes of the perpetually hungry paparazzi, a new humanoid reptile stalks the homeless, assaulting and robbing the innocent of what little they have. As the FBI begins an investigation to identify the perpetrator, Arex is the obvious suspect, since there are no other reptilian soldiers like him out there—or so they think. Soon, however, they must face the horrible possibility that someone has been able to replicate the secret A.R.EX. serum.

In this gripping story, a compelling case unfolds as Arex Rivers is reluctantly thrown back into the spotlight and faces the reality that he may not be the only one of his kind.
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ISBN: 9781475968385
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