My book traces the life of a newborn fawn born on a deer farm from the fawn’s perspective. It starts out from his birth with his twin sister and tells how he is changed from a wild deer to a tame deer. Farmer Joe bottle feeds and loves the fawn very much and takes over being a mother figure for the fawn. Next the fawn is introduced to real deer feed (corn, oats, molasses, and vitamins). He still is bottle-fed for at least four months and has a lot of special attention and love. As the fawn grows and loses his beautiful spots, he develops his first set of antlers. The book describes how every year he will lose his antlers and grow new ones even bigger. A lot of “DEER” terms are used in the book to educate the young reader to the life of a deer and how he develops, such as buck, doe, antler, button buck, deer velvet, points, tines, etc. The photographs in the book are the actual pictures taken on our deer farm.
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