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Rachel Carter is a twenty-eight year old school teacher who is haunted by troubling dreams of being murdered by the notorious Heartbreak Killer. Being psychic and having dreams that have resulted in deadly outcomes before, she is terrified of being the killer’s next victim.
Through the encouragement of her best friend, Heather Bankston, Rachel consults with another psychic who is world renowned for dream translation to determine if she is, in fact, envisioning her impending death. Will the Heartbreak Killer hunt her down and massacre her as part of his master plan or is her dream just a play of her own mind?
Enter into the mind of a deranged not-so-ordinary killer who, driven by a force so uncharacteristic, leaves numerous beautiful women dead in his wake. His grisly slayings are triggered by a psyche so demented that he, himself, is slowly going mad.
Travel through the unraveling of a mystery that takes you from murder, to love, to deception, and finally to a truth so shocking and a secret so unimaginable that it leaves all who are involved shaken to the core.
Published: Xlibris on
ISBN: 9781483611013
List price: $3.99
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