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Three Gold Coins or Too Young To Die This Rich!
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Mel P. Dread Private Eye Investigation Division

Matter regarding: one ton of priceless missing gold coins.
My early investigations led me to find three gold coins. The coins had been buried deep underground along with the first clues that could dramatically change my life forever.
My quest to find the priceless coins led me and my new friend, Bonnie Lou Starr, to Des Moines, Iowa. In search for more clues, we visited the famous Des Moines Christian Cathedral Church and homeless shelter, where the two of us spent five nights, eating, sleeping, and pretending to be homeless. Des Moines is where my great-grandfather Melvin Porter Dread was buried. His grave was where I dug up more clues, which led me to believe I could become one of the richest twelve-year-old kids in the entire world if I found that priceless lost gold!
Soon after we returned home, a story of two twelve-year-old kids from Nebraska was all over the national and local TV news. Could that be it? Maybe this case needed to be stamped closed? Then I started connecting the missing pieces in this Dread family mystery with all those clues that could only lead to one remaining question: just where did my great-grandfather hide the gold? I now have a good idea where it might have been hidden: in the very church the Dread family had built back in 1906. It is the same church my father, who believes that God does love the poor as much as the rich, still preaches in every Sunday.
I know you are anxious to see how this mystery will turn out. I still believe there could be a fortune of gold coins hidden somewhere, and I have been busy doing every possible thing I can do to find them, I assure you. As luck would have it, I am unfortunately trapped and in a great amount of pain. As I lie here trying to make it through the night, I know however this story turns out, at twelve, “I am too young to die this rich!”
Mel P. Dread
Does God love the rich more than he does the poor? At this tale’s end you will have laughed, you will have cried, and most of all you will have felt the joy that a good story can provide one’s soul.
In the end we might reach the conclusion that the meaning of “love” is as simple as we each choose to make it!
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