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For some, the word “Islam” evokes thoughts of violence, strange clothing, and even stranger rituals. But what is Islam? In True Jihad, take a journey through history and encounter nomadic tribes, caravans, superstitions, and a prophet determined to drag his people out of the fog of antiquity and into the mainstream of Abrahamic faith.

An expert in Islamic Studies and Middle Eastern culture, author Mark S. Pfeiffer offers a thorough, concise history of an ancient religion that continues to flourish around the world, including in North America. In addition, he stresses the importance of loving Muslims and sharing the gospel with them despite our differences.

Pfeiffer discusses Muslim belief and practice, and addresses some of the questions most commonly on the minds of non-Muslims. He provides a simple, step-by-step guide to befriending Muslims, developing relationships with them, understanding their worldview and theology, and effectively sharing the gospel with them.

Timely and honest, True Jihad offers you everything you need to know about Islam and ministry to Muslims. Take a journey that will not only change your view of Muslims, but might change your view of ministry altogether.
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True Jihad - Mark S. Pfeiffer

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