A Desisted Case of Rape and Murder
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Young Man low educated, riding his bicycle, stumbled onto the mutilated body of a 12 year-old girl, of course he is nervous. The sheriff didn’t believe his story and locked him up in jail when he couldn’t find any other suspects. The district attorney ordered; the sheriff to desist investigation. James was sent to life in prison. While in prison, he met Alan. He was studying to be a lawyer; when he found out that James had sexual organs that were not functioning. He got an intern in the infirmary, to help make the tests on camera and he showed beyond a doubt that James could not have committed such a crime that James could not even get an erection, let alone rape some child and murder her. Allen made his investigation very carefully, and when he presented his case to the governor. He was eventually able to get James out on a pardon. And eventually cleared of all chargers and ironic story led to his biological father, being the man that raped the girl and was eventually sent to jail for murder and rape of Candy L. Plowtz.
After James was freed from prison, he moved on to be a professional house painter, and with doctor’s treatments. He eventually was able to function like God intended a man to function. And thus he will live a productive life. He eventually educated his mother and she married his cellmate Patrick and they all associated for the rest of their lives.
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