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The arid landscape of New Mexico can be a harsh mistress, arid and unforgiving, baked by a cruel and unrelenting sun, and sparsely dotted by small towns, the only oases of civilization and humanity for hundreds of miles. It is in this stark backdrop that author Gary Dobyns’ sets his tale of love and loss, of vengeance and mourning, titled James, Jane and Others.

The tale follows lives of James, a deputy in a small New Mexican town, and his good friends, as they deal with the dramatic events that unfold around them. James has been in mourning for years, for when Jane left him, he not only lost the woman he loved, but also a part of his life. All he had remaining were the bittersweet memories of the brief time he spent with her, and his sworn duty as a lawman. Years later, mysterious strangers begin arriving at their small town and when James’ skills as a sharpshooter saves a woman named Janet, his life will never be the same again. Past and present intersect, as their life paths are drawn together by fate, and Janet reveals to James the secret of his lost lover, unraveling the painful truth of Jane’s disappearance, and setting the stage for an overture of violence that will stain their town with blood.

Dobyns’ tale will show readers how a cowboy’s life will be changed forever when he learns the truth behind the disappearance of his true love. Passion, crime and violence will play out in the ballad of James, Jane and Others.

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