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As the aged, ashen-colored helicopter continued to spiral out of control minutes away from crashing into the ice-cold water surface of the Sea of Japan, seven souls remained on board. In the cockpit, the stalwart, veteran pilot, CWO4 Hector Valor, along with copilot, 2nd Lt. Joshua Cherry, were trying desperately to regain control of the failed aircraft.
This fact-based, suspense, and romantic-full novel is a story about time and memories of a brotherhood that were constantly being stalked by a wicked and sinister brigadier general from another country.
The time was the post–Vietnam War era, and fellow Americans were still struggling with resolutions that came about from the conflict in Southeast Asia. It was a time of healing and coming together as a nation, a time when America had just finished two decades of ups and downs yet continued to remain one of the greatest nations in the world. Americans were poised and ready to get on with the business at hand of redirecting their efforts to keeping our nation strong and healthy.
Furthermore, it is about fact and memory of four army paratroopers who established a lifelong commitment of support for each other, a brotherhood, if you will, made “one for all and all for one,” A TONTINE.
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