The 7 Steps to Freedom
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Freedom is not far away… As Ithaca is not away from Troy… How distant or close our journey will be to it depends on how we will handle the keys, the instructions and the gifts that we will receive during the course. This book is a map that will lead with safety and caution our inner “Odysseus”.
The way to freedom is always secret… Hidden from the many eyes of the world… Hidden from fears and greed… From hatred and envies… And this makes it so valuable… So special and so precious. And it is the right of all humans to find it and absorb the infinite wisdom and knowledge that offers to the one who will not be afraid to see the truth inside him/her. The one who is not afraid to fight his/her own self to get free from the shackle we put to ourselves.
Inside this book there is a promise… That we can conquer the self… We can win our obsessions that torment us every day and every moment.
This book was born from the combination of philosophy and science. That their union creates knowledge… And knowledge leads to freedom… Through the most ancient philosophic texts of all religions and cultures united with the science of quantum physics.
I wish you to find all that you need to complete this valuable journey to Freedom… Raphael
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