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One Imagination, Two Worlds
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Hayley Claire once again has cleverly managed to infuse fantasy, fact, dreams, and reality to create another explosive story.
The first book was a beautiful introductory taste; the sequel will reveal a spectacular main course.
This story is a fantasy tale about two teenagers named Lucy and Robert, who have a special gift, and with a little imagination and belief, it takes them to a wonderful world full of magic.
When Robert and Lucy are reunited as teenagers, a whole new world opens up for them. Robert and Lucy are faced with challenging times and difficult decisions have to be made. Life offers them different paths to take and choosing which paths to follow will affect the rest of their lives.
You are invited to travel with Robert and Lucy on a journey to share their adventures, laughter, tears, and romance.
The key message in this story is no matter how your life unveils itself, the key to true happiness is to always stay positive and always believe in your dreams.
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One Imagination, Two Worlds

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