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Many years ago Blake Bernard married Ethyl,
the daughter of a missionary couple, on a South Pacific island. On
their honeymoon cruise they were captured by pirates and the pirate
captain attempted to ravish the bride. In the fight, Blake was shot and
the pirate's boat caught fire and sank. Ethyl and the pirate escaped,
but his treasure chest was lost. Ethyl was a grandmother when she
received a mysterious riddle, West of Wisdom, found in a floating
bottle. Astarte, her granddaughter, takes an
inter-island freighter to find the island where her grandmother was
married. When she recites the riddle to the ship's captain, who happens
to be the same now much older pirate, he decides she knows the
whereabouts of his long lost treasure. She is kidnaped bound and gagged
and stuffed in a sail bag. The story starts
when a man with a glass eye puts the sack on the deck of Timothy Tyler's
sailboat and threatens to take over. Tim refuses to let the man come
aboard and sails out into the boundless South Pacific Ocean. When the
bag falls into the sea, he looks back and sees a small white hand
reaching from the sinking sack. And then...

Published: Trafford on
ISBN: 9781466989757
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