In today’s chaotic world of knowledge, scientists and religious people are all looking to find out the real reason and the secret behind life and success. Is it really possible to find the real reason and the secret behind life and success when we still don’t know the language and formula of success in life?
We have read a lot about Nelson Mandela. Even then, we are still not convinced of who Nelson Mandela is because of the lack of knowledge in reading codes and understanding numbers.
James kzd Mwamba has the last solution to a better understanding of the man called Nelson Mandela with his simple knowledge of reading numbers and codes.
This book was formerly titled The Revelation of Numbers: The Codes 4 666 4 Nelson Mandela. The author shares the most powerful secret of the code 4 666 4 and the real secret of success of many in the world.
He also shares the real formula of success in life, which will help you to understand your future or your past and know the code of your life for a better knowledge of you against yourself in the universe.
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ISBN: 9781466979505
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