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Who am I?
When you are able to answer this timeless question, you are ready to truly become one with God. Now you have the keys to transform your life into a journey of peace, success, and adventure. Freespirit offers skills, insights, and inspirations aimed at sweeping you along on a life-changing journey to profound personal understanding. God is not an outside entity you should bow down to or fear; God is a part of you.

This guide provides many valuable and powerful lessons, including ways to
• become one with God (or Consciousness);
• understand your true purpose;
• comprehend the value of your life;
• transform negative situations, beliefs, and conditioning into journeys of light, peace, success, and adventure; and
• appreciate the healing powers of affirmation and meditation.

Within these provocative life lessons—and more—are the doorways to understanding. Once you learn how to trust that everything happens for a reason, you can raise your awareness as you trudge through even the harshest lessons. The world is what you believe it to be, so why believe in anything but the best for yourself and your loved ones? Life is a journey of growth and expansion. Are you ready to live your life with joy?
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