Cursed at Birth
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Michael Abraham believes his life can’t get any worse, as he moves from one dead end security job to another. When he’s offered a job at Paul Brouchard’s metal parts fabrication factory, located on a stretch of land outside Montreal, Michael greatfully accepts. He soon finds himself part of a team, and he’s quick to make friends with coworkers Mannie and the sexy Sue Young.

When Mannie is critically injured, Michael begins to realize this factory job might not be as safe as assumed. Something dark wanders the halls of his new place of employment, and Michael must figure out what in order to save Mannie and possibly himself. Dodging the scrutiny of his uptight supervisor, Jean Claude, Michael investigates in secret.

He soon suspects the perpetrator of the strange crimes at the factory is not human at all. Due to a curse, an average man apparently turns into a demon after nightfall, hungry for the souls of factory employees—but how will Michael recognize the bad guy in the crowds of day workers? Michael is the person who can save the factory and the people who work there; if he can’t stop this demon, they could all end up dead.
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ISBN: 9781475981179
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