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Dear reader,
The fact that Jacob Zuma is the twelfth president of ANC and Jacob had twelve sons makes me sigh because folks may lie but numbers don’t. Besides, Jacob’s successor was Joseph while Jacob Zuma’s brother is Joseph, now this offsets my axis. My reasons to conduct an audit on these signs of fate finds more evidence—could Jacob’s life be the pieces of the puzzle of Jacob Zuma’s that we’ve been looking for? What you see right now is the answer.
Dear Jacob is a radical connection between these two Jacobs: the grandson of Abraham and the honorable president of the Republic of South Africa, Mr. Jacob G. Zuma. This is billion miles ahead of inspiration, a healthy root of the political expertise and leadership evolution. But here I focus on presenting Jacob as Jacob Zuma, human yet divine, dejected, rejected, and despised, but chosen. In this letter, the worst and the best moments of Jacob are prognostic to the life of Jacob Zuma, but negativity is to me a myth because positivity is my path.
The story that brings nemesis to the enemies of positive reception is found from Genesis 25:19 and beyond in the King James Bible. I have cared for the meanings on the wall because words can start a war. Not only will you see Jacob Zuma different after reading this book, but you should be able to predict the next events that might occur as the clock of life moves toward the beginning.
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