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The Heart and Soul of Midwifery
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Irene Chain-Kalinowski born 21 July 1956, Rotherham, South Yorkshire England.
Rotherham School of Nursing Registered Midwife 1979
Rotherham School Of Nursing Registered Nurse 1977
Auckland College of Classical homeopathy Diploma 2005
AUT University Auckland Post Grad Cert Health professional Education 2005
Irene Has been a practising midwife for 32 years, of which 8 years spent in the
Middle East. National Guard Hospital Jeddah, Security forces Hospital Riyadh,
Awali hospital Bahrain, Royal Hospital Muscat, Oman. 2 Years in New Zealand
Green Lane Hospital, Auckland. and 15 years Independent Midwifery Practice
Auckland and 7 years in the United Kindgdom Rotherham hospital South
Yorkshire, Pilgrim hospital, Boston Lincolnshire, North Tyneside general Hospital,
Tyne and Wear. Green Lane Hospital Auckland
She has worked in both hospital and community settings, exposed to multicultural
environments. Irene is protective of women’s rights which she promotes the
principles of partnership, protection and participation all of which is part of the
constitutional agreement between Maori and the Crown “The treaty of Waitangi”
Irene has shared her lifelong experiences throughout her midwifery journey. Her
lifelong ambition and passion for women to regain faith in childbirth and reduce
the unnecessary medical interventions, that put the woman and baby at risk.
“Healthy mothers make healthy babies” Irene practices in a holistic midwifery
health care setting that creates healthy mothers, where medical intervention and
referrals are rarely required. Where women are empowered to take charge of
their health and where birthing experiences are celebrated.
Irene shares her knowledge and applied anatomy and physiology to support the
normal physiological process of childbirth and contraction patterns of labour to
explain “what is really happening” and how applying this knowledge to practice
increases the chances for normal birth.
Proceeds from this book will go to freedomforbirth campaign. We need to answer how much and we need to negotiate with freedomforbirth.
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The Heart and Soul of Midwifery

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