Rebuilding the World through Federalism and Land Distribution
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From the Publisher

This book is a wake-up call for everyone to stand up against poverty in the world. Poverty can be eliminated, if not kept in check effectively. To achieve real development, the people must see his interest and made to realize that he is the master of his country’s development, so that government can go ahead in uniting all the people’s effort and contribution. They will in return receive a significant part of the national heritage for life and a share in the national income as part of his right. To satisfy everyone, to get the economy moving, any country that is putting this plan in action will need to build between two hundred and five hundred new cities to shelter the new generation. This means demand for all household items, construction materials, utilities, and communication articles are going to be huge to try to pin a tab on such undertaking. We should not delay to put this plan in motion, before those multinational monopolizers expropriate the masses by grabbing resources all over the world.

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