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Can a Believer in Christ Go to Hell?
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Can a Believer in Christ Go to Hell? This book reveals the answer to that question with supporting Bible verses. It reveals the reality of how lost most believers are, because of the lack of hearing the preached and taught Word of God. It reveals how most believers live like they are unsaved, by seeking selfish pleasures and sinking deeper and deeper in their sins. It also shows just how lost most believers are, with a distant relationship with Jesus. This will be the most important question you will ever ask yourself, and if you are not sure if you are heaven or hell bound, then let me guide you to the answer that’s found in the Word. So many think just because Jesus died for our sins, that we can do whatever we want and plead the blood. I want to lead you to the truth and encourage everyone that we can live like the Christians we claim we are. That is what God wants, isn’t it? Grace doesn’t give us the right to live ungodly, while claiming to be believers. The wages of sin is death, and our bodies are God’s temple, so let’s live to please Him and not self. It’s my duty to reveal to you the message He gave me, and I pray this book makes a huge difference in your life. This is why I was born, so that this information would be told and souls would repent and run to Jesus. So that He would change us and make our lives worthy of His sacrifice. Can a believer in Christ go to hell? Let’s find out.
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ISBN: 9781449786649
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