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In this fascinating and insightful book, Barrington Burrell explores the early beginnings of new-born babies and their subsequent growth and development over the years to puberty and adolescence.
‘Teenagers exist in a world of their own. They are like strangers in a foreign country. Most are experiencing a difficult period of transition between childhood and adulthood. This is also a time of progression from school to college, university or employment. At this crucial stage of their development, young people have a keen interest in fashion, music and sex. Some even seek their parents’ consent to pursue sexual relationships. Many are sexually active, and some begin to think about marriage and family life, although they often confuse love with lust, and they are not mature enough to assume the responsibility of parenthood.’
This book gives positive guidance to teenagers about how to cope with the biological changes they face, and how to keep themselves sexually pure until marriage. It also provides powerful insights for adults into the world of youth, and young people’s continuous struggles with emotional, physical, spiritual, and sexual issues.
Indeed, this book is a vital necessity for ministers, teenagers, parents, teachers, youth leaders, and all those who want a deeper understanding of young children and adolescents.
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