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Wall Street banker George Allen didn’t know what to expect when suddenly called back to the office while preparing to leave work for the drive home. He was shocked when informed by his boss that one billion dollars was missing. He couldn’t imagine how, under the current impenetrable security measures, anything of this nature could possibly happen. Two questions immediately came to mind, how did $1,000,000,000 disappear and where was it?
His superiors gave him twenty-four hours to locate the missing funds and ensure that the funds were allocated per the customer’s instructions.
To avoid having the finger of suspicion, he needed to work quickly and efficiently to find the methods the perpetrator used. The more he investigated, the more the evidence lead back to him. How could this be? He was not guilty, but was he innocent?
Twenty-four hours later, the deadline had expired; no other leads showed up. As a result, George was fired. His new job description was suspect number one. His continued search and investigation led to the discovery of the conspirators and, in the process, he was captured. With his tortured and maimed body out of commission, George was no longer a viable treat. The culprits fled the country. A resourceful, determined George found a way to pursue them and ultimately led the group to return to New York City where it all began. Will justice prevail?
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Raw Justice

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